Important Vermiculture Resources and Links

Books on Vermiculture

C.A. Edwards and P.J. Bohlen. 1996. Biology and Ecology of Earthworms (3rd Edition). Chapman and Hall: 426 pp.
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C.A. Edwards (Ed.) 2004. Earthworm Ecology 2nd Edition. C.R.C. Press, Boca Raton, FL: 441 pp.
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C.A. Edwards and E.F. Neuhauser. 1988. Earthworms in Waste and Environmental Management. SPB Academic Publ. Co., The Hague, The Netherlands: 392 pp. (out of print)

R.D. Kale. 2006. Vermicompost: Crown Jewel of Organic Farming. Jayanthi Printery. Bangalore, India: 247 pp.

Sun Zhenjun. 2003. Vermiculture and Vermiprotein. China Agricultural Press. Beijing, China: 366 pp.

D. Ernst. 1995. The Farmer's Earthworm Handbook. Lessiter Publications, Brookfield, Wisconsin: 112 pp.
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A.J. Morgan. 2004. Earthworms, Nature's Gardeners. Osmia Publ. Rothley, U.K.: 40 pp.

M. Appelhof. 1997. Worms Eat My Garbage (2nd Edition). Flowerfield Enterprises, LLC. 163 pp.
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Collaborators and Collaborating Organizations

Jorge Dominguez— University of Vigo , Spain

Dr Jorge Domínguez
Universidade de Vigo
Departamento de Ecoloxia e Bioloxia Animal
Campus As Lagoas
Marcosende, E-36310, SPAIN

Radha Kale—University of Agricultural Sciences, Bangalore , India

Dr. Radha Kale
University of Ag . Science
Dept. of Zoology
GKCK Bangalore 560 065, INDIA

Isabel Barois— Mexico

Dr. Isabelle Barois
Congregacion el Haya
2.5 km Antigua Carretera a Coatepec 351

Xalapa , Veracruz 91070 , MEXICO

Tom Herlihy— New York , U.S.A.

Thomas Herlihy
RT Solutions
32 Heritage Dr.
Geneseo , NY 14454

Sunburst Technologies—Australia & Hong Kong

David Ellery & Tsi Che Kai
14/F., 81 Hung To Road. Kwun Tong. Kowloon . Hong Kong

Oregon Soil Corporation— Oregon City , Oregon , U.S.A.

Dan Holcombe
Oregon Soil Corporation
P.O. Box 1598
Oregon City , OR 97045

Jack Chambers— Sonoma Valley , California

Jack Chambers
Sonoma Valley Worm Farm
1280 Sperring Rd.
Sonoma , CA 95476

Kevin Butt—Eastern Lancashire University , U.K.

Dr. Kevin Butt
University of Central Lancashire
School of Natural Resources
PR1 2HE Preston , U.K.

Rhonda Sherman— North Carolina , U.S.A.

Rhonda Sherman Extension Solid Waste Specialist
Biological & Agricultural Engineering Department
North Carolina State University
Box 7625 , Raleigh , NC 27695-7625
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