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Joe Williams' Research Group:


Evolutionary and Ecological Physiology of Vertebrates


General Research Interests

Members of our group are interested in questions that fall under the rubric of Evolutionary and Ecological Physiology. Adopting an integrated approach in our research program, we investigate how natural selection has fashioned physiological phenotypes to survive and reproduce in a given environment. Our studies span a number of levels of biological organization including genes, organelles such as mitochondria, organ systems such as skin, whole organisms, and life-history evolution. We currently have federal funding for studying the connection between life-history and physiology of birds. Our work takes us to the tropics, and to some of the harshest deserts in the world because these places are unique laboratories for studying physiological adaptation. We are also using physiology as a tool in the conservation of endangered ungulates in the deserts of the Middle East . For more information about specific projects see “Current Research”.



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Last modified: September 29, 2010