Diagnosis: Generally small, fusiform or biconic. Sculpture ranges from extremely spinose to nearly smooth. Usually 4+ varices per whorl overlain by spiral threads. Many have an intritacalx.

Radula not flattened but more 3-dimensional. Operculum as in Muricinae.

Remarks: The Muricopsinae resemble some miniature Muricinae in having similar sculpture and opercula. But the nuclear whorls of the Muricopsinae range from muricine to ocenebrine. Furthermore, I can see no justification in Radwin & D'Attilio's 1976 statement that "the radula is similar to that of the Ocenebrinae" (p. 141). Even a casual glance at the muricopsine radulae they illustrate demonstrates that the radulae run the gamut from muricine to ocenebrine. I see little difference between the Muricopsinae and the Muricidae.

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