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MG Core Courses

The Molecular Genetics Core Courses

MG Core Course Descriptions (lecture courses): Molecular Genetics 605, 606, 607 and 608 are the four introductory-level core courses for the molecular genetics major.  They are well suited to other biology majors who want a broad and integrated introduction to the application of molecular, biological and genetic techniques to problems of heredity,  development, and cell function.  They are prerequisites to many other molecular genetics courses.  Biochemistry 613-614 serves as an important prerequisite to all of the MG core courses and we recommend that MG Honor's students take this somewhat more intense Biochemistry series instead of Biochemistry 511 (this is optional).  The lab courses, 601 and 602 require Biochemistry 511 (at least) as a prerequisite; however, as noted above, Honor students may take the Biochemistry six hundred series concurrently with the lab and thereby satisfy the prerequisite.

MG 605:  Molecular Genetics I  (Winter quarter)
(Prerequisites: Biochemistry series and Math 152)
Topics.  Hereditary information as sequence information; DNA structure, DNA replication, transcription, and translation; analysis and manipulation of genes at the molecular level.

MG 606:  Molecular Genetics II   (Spring quarter)
(Prerequisites: MG 605)
Topics.  Sexual reproduction in prokaryotes, replication of  viruses and organelles; molecular mechanisms of DNA replication, repair mutation, recombination, and expression; genome structure; molecular evolution.

MG 607:  Cell Biology (Autumn quarter)
(Prerequisites: MG 500 or MG 606)
Topics. A course focusing on cell biology. Analysis of the structure and function of cells and their components stressing molecular genetic and biochemical approaches

MG 608:  Genes and Development (Winter quarter)
(Prerequisites: MG 500 or MG 606)
Topics. Analysis of development using modern genetic approaches.

MG 601 and 602:  The Laboratory Courses. Molecular Genetics 601 and 602 are the two laboratory courses in the Core Program.  Students are required to take one of these lab courses; however, students may bypass the laboratory requirement by enrolling in at least three consecutive quarters of research in the same laboratory (MG693 or H783). Prerequisite for these labs is Biochemistry 613-614. Since we encourage most of our Honors students to pursue a research project  leading to an undergraduate thesis, many of you will be able to petition out of the lab courses.  Of course, we also try to encourage your participation in these lab courses to make you a more well rounded investigator.  In some cases, a student may do a project in a lab specializing in animal cell culture. As noted below, the student may then opt to take MG601 which focuses on yeast and Drosophila (see below).

MG 601:  Eukaryotic Molecular Genetics Laboratory
These laboratories focus on genetic and molecular analysis using yeast and Drosophila as experimental systems.

MG 602:  Eukaryotic Cell and Developmental Biology laboratory
Experiments in animal cell culture and Drosophila, cell biology and development.

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