Updated 09/25/05

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 Welcome to the Home Page for Honor's in
The Department of Molecular Genetics 
The Ohio State University

  • The following information has been compiled to assist honor's students who  have declared Molecular Genetics as a major.  Our honor's program is research based and we encourage all of our honor's students to enter a  laboratory and begin an undergraduate research topic.  The Honor's track is the same as the regular major except that it emphasizes research leading to graduation with distinction and a senior thesis.   Note also that students that enroll in H783 can petition out of taking MG laboratory courses (MG 601,602).  The research track has some funds that will allow you to work and get paid on your thesis topic.  To review this go to "Scholarships" page.


*Honor's Advisor for Molecular Genetics:  Dr. Amanda Simcox (simcox.1@osu.edu), 972 Biological Sciences Building.  Please email for an appointment.

*Note to ALL new Honor's Students:  If you have just entered the program or have just declared your major, you should contact Dr. Simcox.