Section Index
A Critical History of Computer Graphics and Animation
The History of computing technology

Section 2

The emergence of Computer Graphics technology
The Computer Graphics industry evolves
Basic and applied research moves the industry
University research labs evolve to investigate CG issues

Section 6

Commercial companies are created to generate CG for advertising and television
Organizations, conferences, and graphics standards

Commercial animation software companies
Computer artists
CAD/CAM/CADD/CAE software defines a new field
Production companies
Analog approaches, non-linear editing, and compositing
Flight simulation
CG in the Movies
Display Hardware and the Workstation
The GUI and the personal computer
Virtual Reality and Artificial Environments
Scientific Visualization
Visual Realism and Image Complexity
Computer Graphics Icons
People, Places, and Things

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The Influence of the World Wide Web

Significant Researchers and other CG personalities

Human and creature animation


What's Next?

Music videos