Plant Biology 102. Winter Quarter 1998.
Sample Quiz 7 -- covers Lectures 17-19.

Part A

A. Meiosis B. Homologous
C. Diploid D. Haploid E. Linked
F. Recombination
G. Crossing
H. Promoter I. Repressor
J. Activator
K. Operator L. Operon
M. Gene
N. Adenine O. Thymine P. Guanine Q. Cytosine R. Transposable
S. Transposon T. Plasmid U. Bacterial
V. Recombinant
W. Restriction
X. Cloning
Y. DNA library Z. DNA Probe AA. PCR BB. Ancient DNA

A. Write the letter of the above listed terms that most closely matches the following statements and questions. (5 pts total @ 1/2 pt each).

_______ 1. Two closely-linked cell divisions resulting in a reduction of the number of chromosomes per cell.

_______ 2. Two sets of chromosomes per cell.

_______ 3. The region of DNA located upstream of the gene, which functions in transcript initiation.

_______ 4. Transcription and translation of a gene.

_______ 5. Adenine base pairs with ________.

_______ 6. The same thing as a "jumping gene".

_______ 7. A plasmid with foreign DNA is a ______________.

_______ 8. In bacteria, antibiotic resistance genes are located on structure.

_______ 9. The metabolism of lactose in E. coli begins with the removal of the __________ from the Operon.

_______ 10. Amber is a source of this material.

B. True/False (3 pts total @ 1/2 pt each). Write the letter "T" if you agree with the statement and the letter "F" if you do not agree.

_______ 11. Mitosis is the same as meiosis except for the spelling.

_______ 12. Chromosomes are structures of linked genes.

_______ 13. During Prophase I genetic recombination may occur.

_______ 14. The central dogma of biology is mRNA to DNA to protein.

_______ 15. Gene expression is controlled in prokaryotic cells by controlling the number of mRNA transcripts.

_______ 16. Transposons are used to cure diseases caused by protozoans.

C. Short Answer (7 pts)

17. (2 pts) What is the connection between meiosis and the alternation of generations?

18. (3 pts)Using the structural information you have about prokaryotes and eukaryotes, list one reason why gene expression is more complex in eukaryotes compared to prokaryotes.

19. (2 pts) What implications to human health are associated with bacterial conjugation?

Answers to parts A & B: 1a 2c 3h 4m 5o 6s 7v 8t 9i 10bb 11f 12t 13t 14f 15t 16f
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