Plant Biology 102. Spring Quarter 1997.
Sample Quiz 6 -- covers Lectures 16.

A. F1 GenerationB. Independent
C. Dominant
D. Recessive
E. HomozygoteF. Heterozygote
G. PhenotypeH. GenotypeI. GeneJ. Monohybrid
K. Dihybrid
L. Independent
M. AllelesN. Incomplete
O. CodominanceP. Continuous

A. Write the letter of the above listed terms that most closely matches the following statements and questions. (3 pts total @ 1 pt each).

_______ 1. Offspring of a monohybrid cross involving two different true-breeding characters.

_______ 2. The way an organism looks.

_______ 3. Pollen from Round yellow seeded plants placed on stigmas from plants with wrinkled green seeds is a ______.

B. True/False (3 pts total @ 1 pt each). Write the letter "T" if you agree with the statement and the letter "F" if you do not agree.

_______ 4. True breeding garden peas are always heterozygotes.

_______ 5. The genotype of a plant can be determined by doing a test cross of that plant with a homozygous recessive plant.

_______ 6. The ratio of tall plants to short plants for the offspring of TT X tt should be 3:1.

C. Short Answer (9 pts)

7. (a) Fill in the Punnet square of this monohybrid cross: TT X Tt





(b) What phenotype(s) will you see in the offspring of this cross?

Answers to parts A & B: 1a, 2g, 3k, 4, 5t, 6f
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