Plant Biology 102. Winter Quarter 1998.
Quiz 3 -- covers Lectures 7-8.

Each Lecture Quiz this quarter will have three parts: A) Matching (10 questions worth 5 points total); B) True/False (6 questions worth 3 points total); and C) short answer (2 to 3 questions worth 2 to 4 pts each).

A. OomycotaB. Chytridomyco taC. ZygomycotaD. AscomycotaE. Basidiomycot aF. Deuteromycot a
G. MyceliumH. Fruiting bodyI. DikaryoticJ. LichenK. Spontaneous
L. Plasma
M. LiposomesN. ProkaryotesO. HeterotrophsP. Methane producing bacteriaQ. AnaerobesR. Autotrophs
S. AerobesT. MesosomeU. Endosym-
biotic origin
V. Endosymbiosi sW. Eukaryotes

A. Write the letter of the above listed terms that most closely matches the following statements and questions. (5 pts total @ 1/2 pt each).

_______ 1. The group of fungi that attacks diatoms and pollen grains.

_______ 2. Another name for this group of fungi is "club fungi."

_______ 3. This group of fungi really should be placed in Kingdom Protista.

_______ 4. No known sexual reproduction characterizes this group of fungi.

_______ 5. The first organisms couldn't metabolize oxygen and are known as: ______.

_______ 6. A semipermeable structure surrounding cells, which is made of lipids.

_______ 7. Cells without membrane-bound organelles.

_______ 8. Cells with an endosymbiotic origin characterize this group.

_______ 9. The structure that resembles a nucleus, but is found in bacteria.

_______ 10. Organisms that are poisoned by oxygen.

B. True/False (3 pts total @ 1/2 pt each). Write the letter "T" if you agree with the statement and the letter "F" if you do not agree.

_______ 11. Fungi are defined by the presence of chlorophyll in their cells.

_______ 12. Sac fungi include the Morels.

_______ 13. The early atmosphere of earth did not include oxygen.

_______ 14. Chloroplasts are really sea slugs that have been incorporated into eukaryotic cells.

_______ 15. The first organisms on earth were eukaryotes.

_______ 16. Life arose 4.5 billion years ago.

C. Short Answer (7 pts)

17. (3 pts) Briefly describe one ecological and one economical importance of fungi.

18. (4 pts) Briefly describe the endosymbiotic origin of cells and list one type of evidence in support of this theory.

Answers: 1b 2e 3a 4f 5q 6l 7n 8w 9t 10p,q 11f 12t 13t 14f 15f 16f
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