Plant Biology 102. Spring Quarter 1998.
Sample Lab Practical Exam 3 -- covers Labs 7-9.

This is a practice exam for Lab Practical # 3. This page serves as your table of contents for the rest of the exam. When you click on "Question #1" you will begin the exam. The web page for each question will include the following information: (1) the question; (2) links to the previous question, table of contents (this page), and the next question. You can access the answer key from the last practice question or by returning to the table of contents page.

Please note that there will be only 20 questions on the actual exam, whereas there are more than 20 practice questions for you at this website.

To get the most benefit from this practice exam, start with question #1 and work your way through the entire exam before checking the answer key. If you are not answering the questions correctly, please take the time to ask your lab TA or Dr. Leege for help before you take the real exam.

Technical questions about the website should be addressed to

Table of Contents

No PictureQuestion 1No PictureQuestion 8Question 15
Question 2Question 9No PictureQuestion 16
Question 3Question 10Question 17
No PictureQuestion 4Question 11No pictureQuestion 18
Question 5No PictureQuestion 12Question 19
Question 6Question 13No PictureQuestion 20
Question 7Question 14Question 21

Answer Key

The instructors of PB 102 extend a special thank you to Ms. Heather Caprette, our lab preparator, for the extra efforts she made to photograph slides and scan images.
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