Answer Key for Sample Lab Practical 3

No Picture1. T. (Return to Question 1)
2. No: pollination occurs when pollen lands on the stigma; fertilization occurs when the sperm and egg merge to form a zygote. (Return to Question 2)
3. The pollen tetrads will separate into mature pollen grains. (Return to Question 3)
No Picture4. T. (Return to Question 4)
5. 1N. (Return to Question 5)
6. Through scent, shape, color; by offering rewards such as nectar, pollen, shelter; through deception (e.g., pseudocopulation). (Return to Question 6)
7. Fertilization. (Return to Question 7)
No Picture8. Modifying nature to suit human needs. (Return to Question 8)
9. Negative to positive. (Return to Question 9)

10. 55. (Return to Question 10)
11. Lanes 2 & 6 are probably the same individual; lanes 3 & 5 are also probably the same individual. The banding pattern for lane 4 doesn't match any of the other samples. (Return to Question 11)
No Picture12. a.(Return to Question 12)
13. The new sporophyte. (Return to Question 13)
14. Endosperm; food resource for developing seedling.(Return to Question 14)
15. Wheat and rye are the only grains with gluten. (Return to Question 15)
No Picture16. Yeast is a living organism; boiling water would kill it. (Return to Question 16)
17. Carbon dioxide. (Return to Question 17)
No Picture18. c. (Return to Question 18)
19. No, corn grain is lacking gluten (the picture of bread is for wheat bread). (Return to Question 19)
No Picture20. Alcohol evaporates during baking. (Return to Question 20)
21. F. Tofu is made from soymilk. (Return to Question 21)

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