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Creation and Evolution: Differing World Views

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Winter Quarter 2002.


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Week 1Lecture 1
Overview of the Course; Creation Myths
Lecture 2
Philosophical Overture: What is Science?
Week 2Lecture 3
History of Biology I. Setting the stage for Evolution; Natural Philosphers & Naturalists
Lecture 4
History of Biology II. Setting the stage for the Argument for Design: John Locke, William Paley
Week 3Lecture 5
History of Biology III. Charles Darwin and Company
Lecture 6
History of Biology IV. More about Chuck
Week 4Lecture 7
The Origin of Species. Variation under domestication and nature
Lecture 8
The Origin of Species. Struggle for existence; survival of the fittest; laws of variation; instinct; hybridism
Week 5Lecture 9
The Origin of Species. Geographical distribution; mutual affinities of organic beings
Lecture 10
The Origin of Species. The geological record
Week 6Lecture 11
The Origin of Species. Recapitulation and conclusions
Lecture 12
Biology after Darwin
Week 7Lecture 13
History of the Fundamentalist movement in America (I)
Lecture 14
History of the Fundamentalist movement in America (I)
Week 8Lecture 15
Darwinism comes to America -- responses and trajectories
Lecture 16
Young Earth Creationisms
Week 9Lecture 17
Theistic evolution
Lecture 18
Intelligent Design I -- morphological complexity
Week 10Lecture 19
Intelligent Design II -- biochemical complexity
Lecture 20
Science and Religion


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Just for Fun:

Sites about Natural History, Biology, Conservation, etc:

The Nature Conservancy
The Worldwide Museum of Natural History
US Geological Survey
CSU Bioweb (everything you wanted to find out about biology)
B-Eye (Bee's eye view of the world)
Wayne's Word (A fun site to visit to learn about the bizarre facts of nature.)
Plant Advisor: Links (for the garden enthusiasts that want to find out about plants).

Sites about space or spaceflight:

NASA Shuttle Web
Galileo Homepage at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory

Sites popularizing science and history:

Discovery online
Ask Dr. Science
Science Now
New Scientist Online Magazine
Bill Nye the Science Guy
News of the Weird

Online News:

CNN Interactive.

Other Fun Sites:

The Illustrated Guide to Breaking your Computer
The Dilbert Zone
Kiss Me You Fool!
Those were the days. . .
Jelly Belly Homepage

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