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Class Notes and Handouts for Andrea D. Wolfe

Plant Biology 694. Creation and Evolution: Differing World Views


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Reminder: No Class on Monday, March 10th.

Final exams are being distributed in the graduate student mailboxes. Undergraduate students should see Vicki Payne in the Plant Biology Departmental office (B & Z 108).

Links of the Day:

Feb. 28, 1997:
Horse Evolution
Fossil Hominids FAQ

Feb. 26, 1997:
Transitional Fossils FAQ
Fossil Amphibians in Iowa

Feb. 24, 1997
Terrestrial Vertebrates (Tree of Life Link)
The Devonian

Feb. 21, 1997
Radiometric Dating
Radiometric Dating (US Geological Survey)
Geologic Time

Feb. 19, 1997
Born Against the Apocalypse
Earth Science Associates (Young earth geology)
Physics chronology
Thermodynamics, Statistical Mechanics, and Random Processes (another chronology)

Feb. 17, 1997
National Center for Science Education
Inherit the Wind Homepage
Don't Make a Monkey of Me
Baptist Press News Archive - Nov. 7, 1995
Edwards v. Aquillard
Evolution v Creationism
McLean v. Arkansas Board of Education
Creationism timesheet
Index of Creationist Organizations
Creation Research Society
Creation Science Research Center
Institute for Creation Research

Feb. 14, 1997
Separation of church and state homepage
The radical religious right

Feb. 12, 1997
The search for religious freedom
From the revolution to reconstruction

Feb. 10, 1997
History of Biology I
History of Biology II

Feb. 7, 1997
On the Origin of Species (notes from the Victorian Web)
Aquatic Ape Theory

Feb. 5, 1997
Gaertnera (Rubiaceae) -- an example of distyly (evolution of dioecy from distylous ancestors -- nice page).
Introduction to evolution theory

Feb. 3, 1997
Huxley: On the pigeon-fancier's polity

Jan. 31, 1997
Fancy Pigeons
Breed Highlights

Jan. 29, 1997
Alfred Russel Wallace's 1855 paper

Jan. 27, 1997
Cambridge University: Darwin Collection
Darwin and Evolution (from the Victorian Web)

Jan. 24, 1997
Charles Darwin (I)
Charles Darwin (II)
Charles Darwin (III)

Jan. 22, 1997
Erasmus Darwin
The Center for Theology and the Natural Sciences
Is there a Role for Natural Theology Today?

Jan. 17, 1997
Evolution Theory Before Darwin
Erasmus Darwin

Jan. 15, 1997
Founders of Natural Science
Jesuits and the Sciences, 1540-1995

Jan. 13, 1997
The Karl Popper Web
Scientist Impersonators

Jan. 10, 1997:
God and Physics
Professor Stephen Hawking's Homepage
Oldest Structures in the Universe
Cosmology and the Big Bang

Jan. 8, 1997:
A Creationist's World View
Origin of Life

Jan. 6, 1997:
Creation Outreach
The Creationists and Their Arguments

Just for Fun:

Feb. 28, 1997: The Nature Conservancy
Feb. 26, 1997: NASA Shuttle Web
Feb. 24, 1997: The Worldwide Museum of Natural History
Feb. 21, 1997: US Geological Survey
Feb. 19, 1997: Animal Information Database
Feb. 17, 1997: Clarence Darrow
Feb. 14, 1997:Kiss Me You Fool!
Feb. 12, 1997: Discovery online
Feb. 10, 1997: ScienceBase
Feb. 7, 1997: Those were the days. . .
Feb. 5, 1997: CSU Bioweb (everything you wanted to find out about biology)
Feb. 3, 1997: The Illustrated Guide to Breaking your Computer
Jan. 31, 1997: Toaster Oracle (is this a good day for an exam???)
Jan. 29, 1997: Ask Dr. Science
Jan. 27, 1997: B-Eye (Bee's eye view of the world)
Jan. 24, 1997: Cartalk
Jan. 22, 1997: Shakespearean Insult
Jan. 17, 1997: Geek Site of the Day
Jan. 15, 1997: The James Burke Connection
Jan. 13, 1997: Science Now
Jan. 10, 1997: New Scientist Online Magazine
Jan. 8, 1997: Galileo Homepage at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory
Jan. 6, 1997: The Dilbert Zone

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