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Plants, People and the Environment

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Winter Quarter 2000


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Y2K delay means: (1) one less lab for the quarter; (2) no scheduled review for final exam -- your TA's will offer review sessions.

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Instructor for PB 102 during Winter Quarter 2000
Lecture 2 supplemental notes (overheads from lecture)
Lecture 3 supplemental notes (overheads from lecture)
Lecture 4 supplemental notes (stuff you should know)
Lecture 5 supplemental notes (overheads from lecture)
Lecture 6 supplemental notes (overheads from lecture)
Lecture 7 supplemental notes (overheads from lecture)
Lecture 8 supplemental notes (overhead from lecture)
Lecture 9 supplemental notes (overhead from lecture)
Lecture 10 supplemental notes (overhead from lecture)
Lecture 11 supplemental notes (overhead from lecture)
Lecture 12 supplemental notes (overhead from lecture)
Midterm Review Outline (overhead from review session)
Lecture 16 supplemental notes (overhead from lecture)
Lecture 18 supplemental notes (overhead from lecture)
Lecture 19 supplemental notes (overhead from lecture)
Email Discussion #3 links (clean water links)
Sample Quiz 1
Sample Quiz 2
Sample Quiz 3
Sample Quiz 4
Sample Quiz 5
Sample Quiz 6
Sample Quiz 7
Sample Quiz 8
Sample Quiz 9
Sample Lab Practical Exam 1
Sample Lab Practical Exam 2
Sample Lab Practical Exam 3
Sample Midterm Exam
Sample Final Exam

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Lecture Review Outlines:

Week 1: Lecture 1; Lecture 2

Week 2: Lecture 3; Lecture 4; Lecture 5

Week 3: Lecture 6; Lecture 7

Week 4: Lecture 8; Lecture 9; Lecture 10

Week 5: Lecture 11; Lecture 12; Lecture 13

Week 6: Lecture 14

Week 7: Lecture 16; Lecture 17; Lecture 18

Week 8: Lecture 19;Lecture 20; Lecture 21

Week 9: Lecture 22; Lecture 23; Lecture 24

Week 10: Lecture 25; Lecture 26; ; Lecture 27

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Just for Fun:

Week 1:

The Dilbert Zone

Week 2:

Wayne's Word (A fun site to visit to learn about the bizarre facts of nature.)

Week 3:

Bill Nye the Science Guy

Week 4:

News of the Weird
Jelly Belly Homepage (This site was suggested by a PB 102 student, and it is a lot of fun to explore - Enjoy!)

Week 5:


Week 6:

ArtNetwork Index (Links to virtual galleries and museums)

Week 7:

Geek Site of the Day (no longer updated, but still has the archive.)

Week 8:

CNN Interactive (catch up on the latest news).

Plant Advisor: Links (for the garden enthusiasts that want to find out about plants).

Week 9:

The James Burke Connection (James Burke is a popular history of science writer and his shows have been featured on PBS and the Discovery Channel).

Week 10:

Columbus Supersite (a reference guide to Columbus, OH).

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