Class Notes and Handouts for
Plant Biology 102

Plants, People and the Environment

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Lecture 9. Plants of the past: Paleobotany.

Here is a general introduction to geological time and the fossil record: UC Berkeley's Natural History Museum: Geology Entrance (you can click on any of the geologic eras in the diagram to learn more about the fossils that represent a particular era). To learn more about plate tectonics, and to download some quicktime movies on continental drift, check out UC Berkeley's Natural History Museum: Plate Tectonics.

To find out what the plants fossils of the area are like, check out the Plant Fossils of West Virginia.

If you would like to plan your vacation to include a look at some of the best fossil beds in the United States, here's a site that tells you all about the National Parks with fossil exhibits: National Park Sevice Paleo Sites.

Here's an interesting link to a FAQ about the fossil record and evolution: Transitional vertebrate fossils.

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