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Plants, People and the Environment

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Lecture 7. The good, the bad, and the deadly: Fungi.

Here are some good sites for a general overview of fungi. All of these sites include nice graphics and some have links to other interesting sites: Life History and Ecology of Fungi, Fungi Perfecti, Fungi Perfecti's Mushroom Information Center, and Tom Volk's Fungi Homepage (follow some of the links listed here!).

For information on medical mycology (i.e., diseases or medical problems associated with fungi), I've provided these links: The rise of fungal infections, Fungal infections of the skin, Common diseases of the nail, and Mushroom toxins.

Here are some interesting sites on the economic aspects of fungi: Black goo threatens South African wine industry , and Sher-Rockee Mushroom Farms (this site has information about commercial production, cooking with mushrooms and a page devoted to links for kids -- I love this site!).

These sites give you information on the culinary uses of mushrooms, including some of the fashionable species you'll find in the grocery stores today: Shitake Mushrooms, and Portabello's surprise.

And, finally, here is a site that talks about the Great Irish Potato Famine: The Potato Famine, Living with the ghosts of the potato famine, and The Irish famine photo gallery .

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