Class Notes and Handouts for
Plant Biology 102

Plants, People and the Environment

Links of the Day:

Lecture 6. The flowering world: Angiosperms.

For a review on flower morphology and other good facts about angiosperms click here: Anthophyta III (This is a webpage from the Horticultural and Crop Science Department at Ohio State University -- nicely done!). Ok -- so this next site is aimed at kids, but it's nicely done. If you happen to have kids, this is a good one to show them about what you're learning at school: Why do plants have flowers?.

If you want to attract hummingbirds to your flower garden, you can find out more about how do that at Hum-Dingers (site aimed at children). Here are some more tips on how to attract Hummingbirds and Butterflies to your garden. And finally, just some neat information about hummingbirds in general: The Sun Angel Hummingbird.

Pictures, pictures, and more pictures!!!

Orchids and you can also find some nice photos on penstemons and parasitic plants from my other pages at this website. Follow the link toHyobanche, a parasitic plant genus found in South Africa, and the Penstemon Website.

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