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Plant Biology 102

Plants, People and the Environment

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Lecture 3. Monarchs of the sea: Algae.

Here are nice links to learn more about the Brown Algae (Division Phaeophyta), Life History and Ecology of Brown Algae, Red Algae (Division Rhodophyta) , and the Green Algae (Division Chlorophyta).

For a culinary introduction to algae, check out these sites: Neptune's Garden: Vegetables of the Sea, and Make Seaweed Pudding!.

For more about the industrial and economic uses of carageenan check: Shemberg Corporation, the Carageenan Specialists, Hypnea (a red alga that produces carageenan (lots of interesting info about economic uses of carageenan), and Irish Moss makes a Comeback (from the Ale Street News - i.e., carageenan and beer making).

To get a geographic perspective on the home of Irish Moss, here's a tourist site for County Cork, Ireland: County Cork Homepage.

For more background on eutrophication and the effects of water pollution follow the links to these sites: Eutrophication in Norway.

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