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Plant Biology 102

Plants, People and the Environment

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Lecture 27. Heating up: Global warming.

The problems associated with global warming go beyond the emission of greenhouse gasses into the atmosphere. Today's lecture focused on the human impact on the environment. Besides global warming, the subjects discussed today included human population growth, deforestation, and biodiversity.

Sites about global warming: Global Warming and Weather Extremes, Climate Models: How Reliable are their Predictions?, Impact of Global Warming, and Climate change and biodiversity conservation.

Site about human population growth: Population and Sustainability.

About biodiversity: World Resources Institute Biodiversity Page, Biodiversity and why we need it, and Biodiversity in California.

Environmental disasters (are we to blame?): Worldwatch Press Briefing, "Damage to Nature Now Causing Widespread "Natural" Disasters, Economic Hardship".

And, finally, here are some sites that address what we can do to improve the situation: Co-op America, The Nature Conservancy, Greenpeace, and The Dancing Rabbit Project.

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