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Plant Biology 102

Plants, People and the Environment

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Lecture 13. No fighting please: Populations and competition.

We concentrated on plant population parameters in today's lecture, including natality, immigration, mortality and emigration. These parameters determine the carrying capacity of a population. The same parameters also apply to human population and the carrying capacity of the planet. For additional reading about the human equation as it relates to populations, follow this link on Zero Population Growth.

Today's lecture also focused on different types of interactions found in populations. For more information on commensalism, look at this site about epiphytic plants of The Cloud Forest. Many orchids are also epiphytic and I'm including this Orchid web site as a visual treat (beautiful photo's!). For a good overview of symbiosis, check out the sites on lichens: The Fungus meets an Alga (a fun page about symbiosis), and Fun with Lichens. And for information on parasitic plants, here is the Parasitic Plant Connection. You can also read about my research on the Molecular Evolution of parasitic plants.

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