Class Notes and Handouts for
Plant Biology 102

Plants, People and the Environment

Links of the Day:

Lecture 12. Over and over again: Nutrient cycles.

A critical component of the carbon cycle today is the fossil fuel reserve. These links have interesting information on the environmental issues: Fast facts about fossil fuels, Cumulative emissions of carbon dioxide from fossil fuels, 1950-1989 (a graph provided by the World Resource Institute), Fossil fuels and their use, and The fossil fuel forum.

These links provide information on alternative energy sources such as solar, wind, hydroelectric, and renewable biomass: Renewable energy education module (This is a MUST-DO! It's an interactive site that has to be seen to be believed), A look at solar energy (another great site with information on applications, including how the Hubble Space Telescope uses solar energy), and the Mr. Solar Home Page.

Here is an excellent link relevant to nutrient cycles: The nitrogen cycle (easy-to-understand; click on the graphic to enlarge the diagram); and this link gives you a good explanation of how plants use N, P, and K, and how to interpret fertilizer package labels: Fertilizer.

Here are some links about the hydrological cycle and water conservation: Sacramento Area Water Works Association's Kids Corner (aimed at kids, but I also had a good time here); My Water Store (excellent resource for information on water conservation); 49 Ways to Save Water, and Learning to be Water Wise & Energy Efficient (another site appropriate for children, but also fun for adults).

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