Class Notes and Handouts for
Plant Biology 102

Plants, People and the Environment

Links of the Day:

Lecture 11. Here, there, and everywhere: Energy flow and trophic levels.

There isn't a diagram of a food web in your lecture manual. Here is a beautiful illustration of an Oceanic Food Web by artist Ian Suk.

For another take on the information presented in class, here are the notes from another biology class on Energy pyramids and food webs.

For a closer look at food webs as they relate to humans, follow this link for the Hunger Project.

For a reality check on humanities impact on the planet check out the World Game Institute's running odometers on human activites (population, energy-fuel supply, food supply, health, education, environment, economy-government).

And, finally, here's something on the lighter side if you're interested in consuming food: The Foodweb.

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