Class Notes and Handouts for
Plant Biology 102

Plants, People and the Environment

Links of the Day:

Lecture 10. The big apple: The ecosystem.

Earth Day is April 22nd. Here is a sites that descibes the history of this important event: History of Earth Day.

Some of the major areas of research in ecology are biodiversity, global change, and conservation biology. Here are just a few sites focused on these topics: Word Resources Institute - Biodiversity Homepage, State of the World - 1997 (the online version of this book), and the Endangered Species Program.

Some specific examples of different types of ecosystems, or research in ecology are provided with these links: The Cliff Ecology Research Group, Rocky Mountain Ecology, Wildlife, Flowers, and Hiking, Tropical Rainforest in Suriname, and the Boyce Thompson Arboretum (this is a Sonoran Desert botanical garden with lots of cool information -- it even has nice background music to listen to as you browse).

And to end this section of links, here's a nice page dealing with the arts as it applies to the environment: Enviroarts. This site includes links to visual, performance, audio, and the written word, which are focused on the environment.

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