Plant Biology 102. Spring Quarter 1997.
Quiz 1 -- covers Lectures 1-3.

Each Lecture Quiz this quarter will have three parts: A) Matching (10 questions worth 5 points total); B) True/False (6 questions worth 3 points total); and C) short answer (3 questions worth 2 or 3 pts each).

**** NOTE***** Part A has more vocabulary terms listed for the Sample Quiz than the actual quiz will have.

Remember: the quizzes test on your knowledge of the "Terms you should know" section of the lecture manual as well as the lecture content. You will help yourself learn these terms by making flash cards. Use these cards as a study guide throughout the quarter and you may surprize yourself on how well you do on the midterm and final exams.
A. GenusB. SpeciesC. FamilyD. OrderE. ClassF. Division
G. KingdomH. ProkaryoteI. EukaryoteJ. MoneraK. ArchaebacteriaL. Eubacteria
M. ProtistaN. FungiO. AnimaliaP. PlantaQ. Life cycleR. Eutrophic
S. HaploidT. DiploidU. GametophyteV. SporophyteW. GameteX. Spore
Y. MitosisZ. MeiosisAA. Isogamete BB. VirusCC. CyanobacteriaDD. Euglenophyta
EE. ChrysophytaFF. MyxomycophytaGG. PlasmodiaHH. ChlorophytaII. PhaeophytaJJ. Rhodophyta
KK. Blade LL. StipeMM. HoldfastNN.OligotrophicOO. Accessory
PP. Alternation of
QQ. Binomial
System of

A. Write the letter of the above listed terms that most closely matches the following statements and questions. (5 pts total @ 1/2 pt each).

_______ 1. The division of algae important in reef building.

_______ 2. Reduction division changing the chromosome number from 2N to 1N.

_______ 3. Calling an onion Allium cepa L. is an example of what?

_______ 4. Diatoms are in this Division.

_______ 5. The level of the classification hierarchy immediately above the species.

_______ 6. What group listed above is most closely related to land plants?

_______ 7. This structure anchors a brown alga to the ocean floor.

_______ 8. What type of cells do Fungi have?

_______ 9. Iodine comes from organisms in this group.

_______ 10. "Slime molds" is the nickname of these organisms.

B. True/False (3 pts total @ 1/2 pt each). Write the letter "T" if you agree with the statement and the letter "F" if you do not agree.

_______ 11. Green algae belong to Kingdom Planta.

_______ 12. The accessory pigment found in brown algae is chlorophyll.

_______ 13. All algae can fix atmospheric nitrogren into organic forms.

_______ 14. Bacteria are the dominant forms of life on earth.

_______ 15. Virus particles are not alive.

_______ 16. Eutrophication of lakes can be sped up by the activity of humans.

C. Short Answer (7 pts)

17. (2 pts) What two kingdoms were separated from Kingdom Monera? How are these two groups different from one another?

18. (2 pts) List two compounds extracted from brown algae and tell how they are used.

19. (3 pts) List what type of organisms are responsible for "Red Tides" and describe the economic importance of red tides.

Answers to parts A & B: 1 JJ, 2 Z, 3 QQ, 4 EE, 5 A, 6 HH, 7 MM, 8 I, 9 II, 10 FF, 11 F, 12 F, 13 F, 14 T, 15 T, 16 T
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