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Review of Lecture 25. From sea to shining sea: Biomes of North America

1. Biome = major community characterized by distinctive life forms.

2. Tundra: arctic and alpine; characterized by permafrost; short growing seasons; cushion plants.

3. Taiga: northern coniferous forest; zone along Canada and northern US and below alpine zone of mountainous regions.

4. Moist coniferous forest: temperate rain forest. Along Pacific coast; every inch is covered with growth, not as species rich as tropical rain forests.

5. Eastern deciduous forest: broad-leaved hardwoods that shed leaves in the autumn; not much light reaches the ground after the canopy fills in; spring wildflowers grow before the light levels drop.

6. Prairie: several types of grasslands; Great Plains had tall, mixed, and shortgrass prairies; dominated by bison at one time; fire and drought kept the trees out.

7. Deserts: several kinds: Chihuahuan, Sonoran, Mohave, cold -- all characterized by little rainfall. Different plants in each.

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