Week 1

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Ecological Rules for Biogeography

Gloger's Rule in Longtailed Weasels

Chipmunks of North America


Week 2

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Biomes of the World (UC Berkeley site)

Major Biomes of the World (Radford University site)

Biodiversity and Worldmap


Week 3

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Regional Paleogeographic Views of Earth's History

Paleomap Project

Plate Tectonics Animation (UC Berkeley)

Plate Tectonic Reconstruction

Ice Homepage

Two articles on paleoclimatic shifts:

Dynesius and Jansson, 2000: Evolutionary consequences of changes in species' geographical distributions driven by Milankovitch climate oscillations. PNAS 97:9115-9120

Cooling a Continent. News & View, Nature 421:221


Week 4

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Speciation in Salamanders

Sympatric Speciation. News & View, Nature 421: 225


Week 5

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Biodiversity and World Map


Centers of Plant Diversity (North America)


Week 6

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Week 7

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Week 8

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Overheads, part II

Week 9

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Week 10

Review Notes