Penstemon oklahomensis

Photos by: Andrea D. Wolfeİ and Wayne J. Elisensİ (close-up photo)
Location: Campus of University of Oklahoma (Norman, Oklahoma)

Penstemon oklahomensis habitPenstemon oklahomensis flower Penstemon oklahomensis is a member of Penstemon subg. Penstemon sect. Penstemon subsect. Penstemon (Bennett et al. 1987). Its common name is Oklahoma Beardtongue, and it is one of just a few plants found only in Oklahoma. Penstemon oklahomensis is also unusual in having a closed throat, which limits nectar access to large bumblebees. Carpenter bees and honeybees access the nectaries through slits at the base of the corolla, and are nectar thieves.

Bibliography and suggested readings

Bennett, R. W., K. Lodewick, and R. Lodewick. 1987. Penstemon nomenclature. Eugene, OR: American Penstemon Society.

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