Penstemon debilis

Photos by: Andrea D. Wolfeİ
Location: Garfield County, Colorado

Penstemon debilis habitPenstemon debilis flowers

P. debilis habit

close-up of P. debilis

Penstemon debilis is a member of Penstemon subg. Habroanthus sect. Glabri. Its common name is Parachute Penstemon, and it is one of the rarest penstemons, occurring on oil shale talus outcrops of the Parachute Creek Member of the Green River Oil Shale formation. There are now six known populations of this species.

The Wolfe lab has been involved in a conservation genetics project in collaboration with Amy McMullen and Vince Tepedino from Utah State University. Chris Randle presented the results of this research at the 1998 meeting of the American Society of Plant Taxonomists in Baltimore, MD. We have found a considerable amount

Amy McMullen in protective gear at the field site. Biting gnats are a real problem!

Amy McMullen at entrance to site owned by Occidental Oil

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