Penstemon crandallii

Photos by: Andrea D. Wolfeİ
Location: San Juan County, Utah

Penstemon crandallii is a member of Penstemon subg. Penstemon sect. Ericopsis subsect. Caespitosi. The species was named by Aven Nelson for Charles Spencer Crandall (1852-1929), who was a professor and plant collector. It is very similar to P. caespitosus and P. teucroides in appearance. The penstemons in this subsection tend to be mat formers and sometimes occur on bare rock. This species can be found in Arizona, Colorado, Utah and Wyoming.

The two photos on the bottom were taken using a 50mm macro lens and a ring flash. I've dissected a flower on the right to show the relative positions of the anthers and staminode.
Penstemon crandallii habitPenstemon crandallii
Close-up of plant
Penstemon crandallii close-upPenstemon crandallii flower -- dissected view
Close-up of inflorescence
Dissection of flower

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