Penstemon ambiguus

Photos by: Andrea D. Wolfeİ
Location: Near St. George, Utah

Penstemon ambiguus is a member of Penstemon subg. Penstemon sect. Ericopsis (Bennett et al. 1987). It is unusual among the penstemons in its extremely small and nearly actinomorphic flowers, which are pollinated by lepidopterans (butterflies and moths). The specific epiteth, ambiguus, refers to the definition: "uncertain," which may refer to its floral symmetry. Its habit is shrub-like and it resembles the shape of sage brush when not in flower. This species occurs in Arizona, Colorado, Kansas, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Texas, Utah and in Mexico.

The two photos at the bottom of the page were taken using a 50mm macro lens and a ring flash.
Penstemon ambiguus habitPenstemon ambiguus flowers
Close-up of stems
Penstemon ambiguus close-upPenstemon ambiguus flower -- dissected view
Close-up of flower
Dissection of flower

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