13 July 2000


(©2000 Andrea D. Wolfe)
please ask permission before downloading any of these pictures - thanks!


View from the North Barrow.

The outer whorl is called the Circle of Sarsen stones. The stones connecting them are called lintels. These stones were quarried from the Marlborough Downs about 30 km away. The smaller stones inside the Circle of Sarsen stones are Bluestones, which were quarried from the Preseli Mountains in Wales about 385 km away.

Inside these two circles is a Horseshoe of Sarsen Trilothons, and inside that is a Horseshoe of Bluestones.

Moving from left to right and down the page, you can see the changing view of Stonehenge as you take the path around the circle. The closest approach is next to the North Barrow, and then the path takes you outside the circular ditch and bank surrounding the site.

This feature is known as the Heel Stone, which casts a shadow straight into the heart of the circle at the summer soltice.


Here are the tour bus groups we encountered at the end of our visit. Do arrive early to beat the crowds.


It was a blustery day, but the sun occasionally spread some cheer. That's Michael in full squint and me with my hair in a windblown 'do.' We really enjoyed the visit. Let me know if you enjoyed the pictures (wolfe.205@osu.edu).