Penstemon rupicola Penstemon cardwellii P. rupicola X P. cardwellii swarm
Penstemon rupicola
Penstemon cardwellii
Hybrid swarm of P. rupicola
and P. cardwellii

Introduction to Shannon Datwyler

Shannon is a Ph.D. student in the Wolfe Lab working on the systematics of Penstemon subg. Dasanthera. In addition to reconstructing the phylogeny of the nine species (16 taxa altogether), she is testing hypotheses of hybrid speciation and assessing the genetic structure of several hybrid swarms.
Shannon is using nuclear ribosomal ITS and chloroplast matK sequences to assess the phylogenetic and biogeographic relationships of taxa in subg. Dasanthera. Specifically, she is examining the purported hybrid origin of two subspecific taxa in subg. Dasanthera (P. davidsonnii var. praeteritus and P. fruticosus var. serratus). Both purported hybrid taxa are from P. davidsonii X P. fruticosus progenitors. For the hybridization studies, she is developing microsatellite-based markers.
Here are some pictures of Shannon Datwyler taken during our field season of 1996.

Shannon Datwyler on Mt. Howard

On top of Mt. Howard in the Wallowa Mts of Oregon, collecting P. spatulatus.

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