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Introduction to Andrea D. Wolfe

My friends and family usually call me "Andi." In addition to my professional interests and research, which you can find by following the links listed below, I have several hobbies and other pursuits outside of academia. These include woodworking and Irish traditional music.


My woodworking activities are primarily in woodturning. I have also enjoyed making furniture, but once I discovered the joys of the lathe (December of 1998), my furniture making activities came to a screeching halt. I currently have a Stubby Lathe (model 750) and a Jet minilathe.

I make decorative woodturnings where I carve, texture, scorch, and color vessels using botanical motifs. This is where I combine my career with my love of creating things; my work as a scientist inspires my art. My work can be found at del Mano Gallery in Los Angeles, California, and The Real Mother Goose Gallery in Portland, Oregon, and in the gift shop of the Ohio Craft Museum. Some of my woodturnings are posted on my woodturning page.

I find that woodturning is an excellent hobby for an academic. When I step into my woodshop, I leave everything else behind. One has to concentrate on the task at hand when working with power tools -- at least if one wants to leave the shop with all digits attached!

I've posted images of some of my furniture projects on my Furniture Projects page.

Irish Traditional Music:

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I'm a member of Aisling, a Columbus-based Irish traditional music band. I play hammer dulcimer, fiddle, guitar, and bodhran, and I'm the vocalist for our band. The band also features my husband, Steve Wolfe, on Irish flute and tin whistle; Charlene Adzima on fiddle; Rick Nelson on guitar; and Randy Clepper on a variety of stringed instruments.

Aisling (pronounced Ashling) means vision in Irish mythology. We chose the name Aisling for our band because our music represents a tradition of Ireland with our own vision for Irish traditional music.

If you are in the Columbus area, here's a schedule of our appearances over the next several months: Aisling Schedule.

Family snapshots can be found at my Family Photo Album page -- this is not for the serious soul. My family can be pretty silly at times!

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