Introduction to Chris Randle

Chris is a Ph.D. candidate in the Wolfe Lab working on the systematics of Harveya (Orobanchaceae), a holoparasitic plant genus distributed in southern Africa. Chris will be doing a revision of the genus in addition to molecular phylogenetics and studies of the molecular evolution of photosynthetic genes -- specificially the nuclear-encoded small subunit of Rubisco and plastid-encoded large subunity of Rubisco.

Here are some pictures from our field trip to South Africa taken during our field season of 1999.

Chris studying specimens in the Compton HerbariumJenny Archibald, Andi Wolfe, and Chris Randle in the Cederbergs

Harveya purpurea

Chris excavating the haustorial attachment to the host.
Excavated plant.
Jenny & Chris photographing the plant.

Harveya capensis

Habitat shot for H. capensis

Harveya stenosiphon

Note the difference in floral morphology of this species as compared to H. purpurea and H. capensis.

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